Frequently Asked Questions

Hema Foundation is the philanthropic arm of RR Global. The foundation is in the memory of late Smt. Hema Mahendra Kabra. It was founded on 25th June 2016.

HEMA is beautifully expressed as Humane Endeavour for Moral Awakening. The work of Hema Foundation is reflected in its mission and vision.

Hema Foundation aims to cultivate better and compassionate understanding in children of their responsibilities towards self, family, society and the Nation at large, and help them become better human beings.

Reach out to as many schools, teachers and students to imbibe and reinforce moral values in a planned and phased manner.

Hema Foundation has made 48 short moral value films. Each film depicts one value and offers lessons on the value. After screening the film, the students are engaged in several activities which aim to reinforce the value in children in an effective manner.

The film is supported with short stories, inspirational plays, role play, Sanskrit shlokas, examples of personalities who personify the value, puzzles, crosswords, games, pledge. These activities are contained in student’s guidebook HEM-formation.

Teachers conduct the activities. Hema Foundation trains the teachers so that they can carry out the activities in an effective manner. There is a teacher’s guide book HEM Disha which has been made by experts in their fields.

Hema Foundation feels proud that eminent personalities are associated with the cause and mission and vision. The advisory board consists of:  Swami Govind Dev Giri ji  Shri Rameshwarlal ji Kabra (founder Chairman – RR Global0  Dr. Sanjay Malpani (National President – Gita Parivar)  Dr. Anantan Ramakrishna Pillai (Founder President- IDF)  Shri Shiv Khera (Author and Motivational Speaker)  Dr. Chinu Agarwal (Child psychologist)  Shri Manoj Joshi (Film actor)  Dr. Nagpal Singh (Educationist and Researcher)  Shri Mukesh Khanna (Film Actor)  Dr. Harish Shetty (Child psychologist) The pillars of Hema Foundation consist of team member fully committed and dedicated to the cause of moral value education. Smt. Anita Maheshwari is the Trustee and Creative Head. The films have been produced under her close guidance. In addition to this, a team of Associate Director includes Dr. Vijayam Ravi (educationist and thinker), Shri Rajeev Bhargava (HR expert and creative writer), Smt. Hetal Desai (Child Psychologist and Expert). Experts also include Dr. Narayan B Iyer (IDF) and Vedacharya Balkrishna Dave (Sanskrit scholar).

HEM Virtues is the initiative to reach out to schools, teachers and students over the web. With this initiative we will be able to reach to the remotest schools, provided they have the Internet connectivity. HEM Virtues will systematically dispense the moral value education. In the first phase, nine values have been selected. A total of three weeks (=21 days) will be spent on each value. It is said that it takes 21 days to form a habit. Therefore, each value is assigned a time limit of 3 weeks. It will take 27 weeks to compete nine values.

HEM Virtues will require two periods in a week, preferably one on Wednesday and one on Saturday. The learning activities will be on Wednesdays; while play activities will be on Saturdays. Children will get an opportunity to participate in games, puzzles and quizzes. They will be assessed and even get rewarded.